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GlassWire Review

While Windows Firewall does a good job of keeping the bad guys out, some prefer a third-party Firewall like GlassWire for added security.

GlassWire is what one would describe as a third-party Firewall. What that means is all major operating systems, including Windows, provide their own Firewall which is designed to block unauthorized access to your computer while still enabling outward communication.

While Windows Firewall does a good job of keeping the bad guys out, some prefer a third-party Firewall like GlassWire for added security. GlassWire is currently used by over 12 million individuals, making it one of the most popular third-party Firewalls available to help protect devices, privacy and data.


  • Extremely detailed Firewall with complete customization
  • Control everything related to your network from who accesses it to what it connects to
  • Very visual software platform with a ton of different graphs to analyze everything related to the Firewall


  • Not a complete antivirus software program, but rather an added Firewall that works well with an antivirus suite like Norton or VIPRE
  • Not designed for your average consumer because of the advanced network knowledge it requires to use and understand

GlassWire Protects You From…

GlassWire is not your typical third-party Firewall. What is described as a “visual firewall” by its developer, GlassWire provides legitimate transparency for your network activity including a number of charts and other notifications to interrupt network connectivity.

The whole purpose of a good Firewall is to detect hidden threats, and it is something GlassWire does quite well though advanced knowledge of network activity is highly recommended.

GlassWire allows users to instantly examine current and past network activity, detect malware, block poor behaving apps, detect spyware and examine bandwidth hogs. All crucial information (as well as more advanced reports) are provided instantaneously. Users may also monitor other PCs on a network as well as get alerted when unknown devices attempt or have joined your WiFi.

Is data usage a problem with your mobile phone or PC? GlassWire provides users with the tools to monitor data usage and prevent going over any specified limits — especially crucial when it comes to smartphones and data usage.

The network reports are extremely detailed. It covers everything from network usage by IP/host, app, network traffic types and several other options. Individuals may establish custom Firewall profiles for a variety of scenarios.

Users may even get alerted every time a new app accesses the network, and block if necessary. You not only have complete control of the Firewall while you are on a device, but also while you are away because GlassWire never stops collecting reports.

Additionally, individuals may track what IP addresses your apps connect to and immediately see what countries are hosting the IP addresses.

Devices/Operating Systems GlassWire Supports

GlassWire supports PC, Mac and mobile devices. It is primarily intended for Microsoft Windows and operates on Windows 7, 8 and 10. It is recommended that users have at least Intel Celeron 2GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo or faster preferred) and 1 to 4 GB of RAM.

Installation & Performance

GlassWire is not recommended for the typical internet user. It is extraordinarily detailed and most of its features are only sought after by advanced users who want complete control of their Firewall.

If you know what you are doing, however, GlassWire can really enhance computer performance because the number of visuals and customized features of GlassWire is unprecedented for a third-party Firewall utility.


GlassWire features three price plans depending on individual needs. The Basic plan is the most affordable, yet still runs $39 for its services. The Basic plan includes Firewall for one PC with analytics that go back 6 months along with 3 remote connections.

The Pro ($69) and Elite ($99) plans provide further resources. The Pro package supports up to three PCs, 1 year of history related to analytics and 10 remote connections. Meanwhile, the Elite package really drives results with support for up to 10 PCs, unlimited history and unlimited remote locations.

All of the packages offered through GlassWire include its “Ask to Connect” technology, Lock Down mode, new skins and dark themes, hide app activity as well as notifications regarding who is connected to your WiFi. GlassWire provides immediate download for all of its packages.


GlassWire is a terrific service for some, but not intended for the masses. It’s a fantastic third-party Firewall but you really need to know what you are doing or the impact GlassWire can have on your network and performance will not make much of a difference.

It would also be nice if GlassWire was a little more affordable, but overall it’s really great software for some. Just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before forking over the cash.

Very Good


While Windows Firewall does a good job of keeping the bad guys out, some prefer a third-party Firewall like GlassWire for added security.
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