Iolo System Mechanic Review

Iolo System Mechanic is designed for the specific purpose of cleaning up your PC and getting it back to maximum power and performance.

Do you long for the days when your PC operated like it did when you first took it out of the box and plugged it in? Unfortunately, the speed and performance of your PC does bog down over time and for a number of different reasons. Iolo System Mechanic, fittingly, is the remedy. Iolo System Mechanic is designed for the specific purpose of cleaning up your PC and getting it back to maximum power and performance.


  • Cleans up hard drive and fixes a number of issues that slow down performance
  • Pauses tune up when operating computer and resources are needed for other tasks
  • Easy to understand explanations provided of what the PC tune up is doing on your computer


  • Not the cheapest PC cleaner available, though still modestly priced
  • Not a complete antivirus software, but rather a great add on to your traditional antivirus suite

Iolo System Mechanic Protects You From…

Iolo System Mechanic is not as much a protector as it is an enabler. Iolo System Mechanic is designed to restore a PC or number of PCs you own to its original operating speeds. Is your applications not loading nearly as fast? Does your video or music streaming lag? Iolo System Mechanic can help restore optimal performance on your PC.

The PC tune up works by defragging the hard drive, tweaking CPU and RAM usage as well as repairing the Registry on Windows. All of these factors contribute to slower computer speeds, and are difficult to diagnose and repair without advanced computer skills. Iolo System Mechanic, however, can remove the legwork.

Iolo System Mechanic also automatically deletes junk files left behind by programs, some of which you may not even use anymore. It also scans your hard drive to keep it error-free from system freezes and unexpected restarts.

Iolo System Mechanic not only provides really detailed, but easy to understand explanations of what exactly it is doing on your computer to clean it up. Iolo System Mechanic can fix hundreds of errors on the hard drive, system components, installed hardware or software and more.

Users should see improvements in internet connection speed, download times, Windows startup and overall performance, and more. The changes are definitely noticeable and much wanted.

Devices/Operating Systems Iolo System Mechanic Supports

Iolo System Mechanic is compatible with all PCs that run Windows XP or later. Iolo System Mechanic especially caters to Windows 10 users as its privacy-specific tool for that operating system is really well built.

Furthermore, unlike other PC tune ups like IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro and PC Tools Performance Toolkit — Iolo System Mechanic provides unlimited number of licenses under one subscription. So a single membership will get you cleanup on all the PCs that you own.

Installation & Performance

The whole point of Iolo System Mechanic is to improve the speed and performance of your PC and retain the efficiency you had when you first used the PC. As a result, the performance of your PC is only expected to improve with System Mechanic or System Mechanic Pro (pricing, below).

If you pay more for the System Mechanic Pro version, the tune up and updates are scheduled automatically to keep the PC operating at optimal levels. You should see a major difference between before having Iolo System Mechanic on your PC and after.

Iolo features ActiveCare technology which runs the PC tune up in the background and fixes issues during periods of PC inactivity. The PC tune up is not designed to interrupt messages or schedulers, and also pauses the moment the system needs resources for other tasks. Consequently, regular performance of your PC should not be interrupted while you are using the computer.


Iolo System Mechanic has two different products. System Mechanic, their standard option, is built to boost your computer’s speed, power and stability with its advanced PC tune up. The System Mechanic retails at $50 per year, though Iolo does offer discounts from time to time.

The premium System Mechanic Pro (retail $70 per year) is an upgrade over System Mechanic. The Pro version features all of the great tools of the standard edition along with four award-winning Iolo PC tune up and data security products.


Who doesn’t want a computer that performs at the levels they remember when they first got the device? Iolo System Mechanic is designed to restore that speed and performance, and for the most part it does a really great job. You will pay a little to retain that performance, but for most consumers it is well worth it.


Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is designed for the specific purpose of cleaning up your PC and getting it back to maximum power and performance.
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