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McAfee Review

McAfee has impressively been around for three decades now and continues to remain one of the best antivirus software providers in the world.

McAfee has impressively been around for three decades now and continues to remain one of the best antivirus software providers in the world. McAfee has received numerous awards including PCMag “Editors Choice” (October 2017), InfoSecurity “Editors Choice (February 2017) as well as multiple recipient of AV Test as being certified to handle a wide range of threats and dangers.


  • One of the best values: one subscription provides license for every single device in household
  • Password Manager not only creates unique and complicated passwords but saves them so you don’t need to memorize
  • Added WiFi network security and parental controls to help keep the entire family safe


  • PC Boost web speedup is only functional with Chrome browser
  • Though compatible with Mac devices, there are far less security features compared to Android and Windows

McAfee Protects You From…

McAfee is fueled primarily by its ability to provide an unlimited license with its higher priced plans. It means that you can protect EVERY device in a household. That means not only your Windows PC but also any Macs, iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc) and Androids.

The ease of McAfee is highlighted further by the ability to manage web security and virus information on one web-based console, no matter how many devices you have under McAfee being monitored.

Get strong and unique passwords with McAfee Password Manager, designed to prevent hackers from getting into your online accounts. McAfee also saves and remembers the passwords so you don’t need to write them down.

It is important to keep your home network safe and secure. McAfee understands it by featuring extra security measures for the Wi-Fi network and wards off unauthorized access. The result is you may browse securely and without worry of having personal information compromised.

Got a family? McAfee has developed features to protect everyone in it big and small. Antivirus software is especially important for little ones who are more prone to visit malicious websites or accidentally put a virus on your computer. Parental controls keep a close monitor on their activities.

The security of McAfee is designed to safeguard against any online activity, whether it is checking email or shopping online, even banking and mingling on social media. It is all protected.

Lastly, McAfee helps keep personal files private by storing them on the PC with a combination of password protection and encryption.

Devices/Operating Systems McAfee Supports

McAfee is compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS. However, it should be noted that the features are not universal across all platforms.

McAfee is best suited for Windows, as these users will get the full service and tools from the antivirus software. The Mac edition has less features than Windows and Android. Furthermore, the iOS version is even more bare.
If you have an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad you may want to look elsewhere.

Installation & Performance

The install with McAfee is not the quickest but that’s being a little picky. Honestly, what install doesn’t happen relatively fast these days compared to the era of dial up internet (for those who remember it). Yes, it could be a little faster yet the installation process is still straightforward and not difficult to understand.

While a scan runs, there may be a little drag – especially if you are playing a game or watching a video at the same time. However, if the video or game can wait, general surfing on the internet during a scan offers little resistance.


McAfee presents three tiers of antivirus security.

McAfee has two different pricing options on Total Protection, depending on the number of devices. For a retail price of $90, McAfee Total Protection will provide a license for up to five devices, while spending an additional $10 will license an unlimited number. Both prices are good for a year.

Do not need coverage on so many different devices? McAfee does present a year deal on one device for $60. The same security features and tools are provided with the single plan as with the 5 and 10 device subscriptions.

McAfee also regularly advertises discounts on the retail price of these antivirus suites, so it is possible to save money, at least on the first year of the subscription.


McAfee is especially suited for households with a large number of devices that need antivirus protection. For only $10 more, you can upgrade a license from covering five devices to unlimited. McAfee is also highly reputable within the industry, with three decades of operation. They offer a very good value for the price paid.

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McAfee has impressively been around for three decades now and continues to remain one of the best antivirus software providers in the world.
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