Wine box subscription guide

We compared the top 10 wine subscription services. Use our guide to help you make a decision on what service is best and take advantage of our special discounts with each company!

Wine subscription boxes are great opportunities to try different kinds of wine that you may not immediately pick up at the store, helping you to expand your wine palate and try something new. There are many wine subscription boxes to choose from, all with different components, prices, wine regions, flavors and frequencies. But which one is right for you? Find out below!

How much does Winc cost?

Winc brands itself as “The Netflix of Wine,” with affordable prices yet excellent catered wines and quality service.

What you get: A minimum of three bottles of red or white wines, expertly chosen just for you. Similar to Netflix, after taking a quiz, Winc will suggest some wines that seem to fit your palate preferences. Choose which bottles you want Winc to send, then rate them to help determine future picks.

Cost: $39 for three bottles, plus $9 flat rate shipping and tax. If you order four or more bottles, shipping is free. Add additional bottles to your monthly shipment for $13 a bottle at the Featured membership level, or $14-$35 a bottle at the Select membership level.

Frequency: Monthly. Skip a month or cancel at any time.

How much does Winecrasher cost?

Winecrasher’s model guarantees high-quality international wines at the lowest prices by not revealing the wine name and label until AFTER your purchase.

What you get: Three bottles of all red or all white wines, or six bottles of a combination, all with a rating of 89+ points. You choose your wines based on the wines’ descriptions, but not the names or labels. There is also a tailored option in which experts will handpick your wines for you after an in-depth interview.

Cost: Ranging from $49.99 to $109.99 a month, plus shipping.

Frequency: Monthly. Cancel at any time.

How does Bright Cellars Wine Club cost?

This wine club caters each shipment to your palate preferences, learning your preferred tastes through an online quiz.

What you get: Four bottles of all red, all white or mixed boutique wines from small vineyards all over the globe, personally chosen by wine experts. Each bottle comes with brief wine tasting notes and pairings. After trying your wine, you can go online and rate each bottle. Based on your ratings, each shipment you receive should better match your wine palate.

Cost: $80 a month, plus $8 flat rate shipping and taxes. Billing is monthly and ongoing.

Frequency: Monthly. Skip a month or cancel at any time.

How much does Wired For Wine cost?

Wired for Wine is primarily an online shop, However they do offer a 90+ Wine Club which provides premium wines at great prices.

What you get: 12 bottles of wine from around the globe, from well-known wine regions to hidden vineyards and wineries. All wines are rated 90+ points and are discounted below suggested retail. Shipment options include all red wines, all white wines plus rosé and sparkling, or a mix. Wines come with in-depth meal pairings.

Cost: $167.97 per quarter. Shipping is free.

Frequency: Quarterly. Cancel at any time.

How much does Vine Oh cost?

Vine Oh provides you with “sips and surprises,” meaning wine isn’t the only thing you get with each box.

What you get: A seasonal box full of two premium California wines (all red, all white, a mix or sweet only), plus five or six full-sized, handpicked products which are “fun, rejuvenating and delicious.” Vine Oh also offers a monthly wine-only club which delivers four or six bottles.

Cost: Seasonal boxes cost $59.99 a box or $224.99 for all four boxes, if paying upfront. Monthly wine shipments cost $59.99 a month for four bottles and $89.99 a month for six bottles. Shipping is free.

Frequency: Quarterly for seasonal boxes, and monthly for wine-only boxes.


VINEBOX definitely isn’t your typical wine club. With the concept of shipping glasses of wine instead of bottles, VINEBOX serves as your personal tasting room.

What you get: Nine (for one person) or 18 (for two people) glasses of all white, all red or both types wine, packaged in small tubes. All wines are expertly selected by sommelier Tyler Kennedy, with a focus on international boutique and seasonal wines. Shipments include tasting notes and credits toward full-size bottles.

Cost: $72 a box if billed annually, and $79 a box if billed quarterly. The two-people option receives a slight discount per box. A one-time purchase is $87 per box and does not include any full-sized bottle credits. Shipping is free.

Frequency: Quarterly, unless you select a one-time shipment. Skip a month or cancel at any time.

Wine Down Box

Have a mini party every time this box shows up at your door with wine and specialty snack pairings.

What you get: One quality wine from a small California winery, expertly paired with artisanal cheese, fresh charcuterie and handmade crackers.

Cost: Ranging from $70 per box for one month to $63 per box for 12 months. Shipping is free.

Frequency:  Monthly. Choose a one-month, three-month, six-month or 12-month subscription. Cancel at any time.

Highest Quality Wine Box Subscriptions

Gold Medal Wine Club

This is more of an old school wine club, focused on providing you with a few high-quality wines a month rather than serving as your sole resource for wine.

What you get: All of Gold Medal’s six levels include either all white, all red or a mix of California-based wines. Level options include rare wines, highest-rated wines, wines from small wineries and more. You can choose how many bottles you want in your shipment. Each shipment includes an industry newsletter. You can also choose to add gourmet snacks to pair with your wines. Level options are very customizable.

Cost: The lowest level starts at $39 a month, and the highest level starts at $179 a month.

Frequency: You choose the frequency of delivery. Frequency options vary by level. Cancel at any time.

Plonk Wine Club

This wine club focuses on providing members with rare and boutique wines from around the world, sourced from wineries in California, Europe, South America and other wine-growing regions.

What you get: All red wines, all white wines or a mix from around the globe, all of which are organic and natural wines with no additives or chemicals. Wines are expertly curated so you receive only one-of-a-kind varieties. Choose to receive either four or 12 bottles in each shipment. With every order, you receive an email with tasting notes and pairings.

Cost: $110 a shipment for four bottles and $285 a shipment for 12 bottles. Shipping is free.

Frequency: Choose your own frequency. Options for four bottles include a three-, six- or 12-month plan that you pay for upfront, or an ongoing monthly subscription. For 12 bottles, choose to have them shipped monthly or quarterly. Cancel at any time.


Winestyr’s experts taste every single wine they offer (and even ones they don’t) to bring the best small-production wines in the U.S. to your front door.

What you get: Three or six bottles of premium red and white wines, or reds only, with a focus on unique, hard-to-find varieties. Each shipment contains tasting notes.

Cost: Three bottles start at $79 and six bottles start at $139.

Frequency: Choose to have your wine delivered monthly, every other month or quarterly. Skip a month or cancel at any time.

Wine Clubs With Largest Selection 

Cellars Wine Club

This wine club offers much more of a variety than other typical wine clubs. It has options for every budget, taste and wine experience level, from first-time wine drinkers to wine connoisseurs.

What you get: Cellars has 12 different “wine clubs” to choose from. Most clubs include two bottles, however there are one-bottle, three-bottle and 12-bottle (quarterly only) options. All wines are handpicked by experts and include tasting notes. When applicable, you can choose if you prefer two reds, two whites or one of each.

Cost: Wine clubs range from $29 to $389 per shipment. Shipping is free.

Frequency: For the one- to three-bottle clubs, choose ongoing or two to 12 shipments, with a frequency of monthly, every other month or quarterly. For 12-bottle shipments, choose ongoing or up to four shipments, shipped quarterly.  Skip a month or cancel at any time.


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