About Bing Ads

Seriously, we’re not kidding. Get $50 in free ad credits with our Bing coupon code and go sell something! Bing Ads is a great platform when you want to advertise your business, products and services on the web. This service is a great do it yourself package that allows you full control and say in how your ads and campaigns are managed and distributed. Not sure if Bing Ads is right for you?

What is Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is a search engine marketing service. This means that when you create an account, you can place your ads and campaigns into Bing Ads hands and watch as they use them to market your business on the web. Bing Ads is the best way to take your website to the top search results. Overall, Bing Ads brings in results, feedback, and site traffic through their expert campaign management and more.

Why Type of Advertising is Available?

Bing Ads offers all kinds of advertising options. When you use this service, the ads you send out are all up to you. After your sign up and create your account, you can start a campaign from scratch, create an ad budget, write your ad, and then include relevant key words to show up with the ad. Again, it’s really all up to you—Bing Ads is mostly here to help keep your campaigns organized, efficient, and circulated throughout the web.

How Much Does Advertisement Cost?

Bing Ads allows users to create and set up their own budgets when they start their campaigns. Payment is decided through a pay per click method that allows you to spend as much or as little money you want on your ad campaigns as long as it is within the specified budget. Payment is managed through an Accounts & Billings link on their account page. You can also view a Reports link that helps you which ad campaigns are working and which ones can be shut down to save you money.

How Many Campaigns can be Created?

Bing Ads allows you to create as many ad campaigns as you like as long as you don’t exceed your budget. If you have other campaigns and ad words from sites like Google AdWords, there’s no need to start over. By simply clicking on the ‘import ads’ option on your account, you can successfully transfer all of your finished campaigns right to your Bing Ads account.

Though Bing Ads is fairly new, it’s catching a lot of popularity and gaining many new customers. Bing Ads users can enjoy features such as controlled advertising cost, ad imports, and extended customer reach. For this, we rank Bing Ads a 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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