About Cricut

To make you next DIY craft, home decor or masterpiece, you need the right tools. Once you’re equipped, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild and create something that adds joy and fun.

Which is what Cricut is all about. Cricut cutters are easy-to-use machines that can take your DIY projects to the next level. Through the creation of the Cricut cutter, people are changing the way they craft. And with our Cricut coupons, you too can start your next project with a cutting machine unlike any other.

Cricut is all about do-it-yourself projects and equipping people with the right tools to express themselves through art. They have a passion for their customers and are excited about seeing the variety of projects and creations that can be possible with a Cricut cutter.

Cricut cutters are easy to use, so whether you’re a new crafter or an experienced artist, you can use the precision and speed of a cutter to accomplish your next DIY project. Choose from a plethora of templates and ideas to get started on your creation. The Design Space is your spot for thousands of fonts, images and ready-to-make projects. These templates allow you to easily personalize your note, tag or text and you can even upload your own photo or artwork. Move, alter and rearrange the creation to your heart’s content.

The standard Cricut Maker is popular and can be used on a variety of materials, including fabric. These machines are also tech-savvy so you can connect your devices for storage on your smart device. Additional features for their Cricut Explore Family products include the ability to cut up to 100 different types of material, a fast mode that cuts up to two times faster, a double tool holder, wireless access, connection to Design Space software and flexibility to upload your own images and designs.

Start your next DIY project today with a Cricut cutter. And, be sure to check out our Cricut coupons and Cricut coupon codes to get extra savings on your creation.

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