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A healthy life starts with a healthy night’s sleep on an EightSleep bed. These high-tech mattresses let you know how well you slept and can be adjusted to make you more comfortable. Mattresses from EightSleep can be controlled and monitored through an app on your phone. They can also connect to Amazon’s Alexa as part of your smart home network. Set alarms and change the temperature with voice commands or a tap on your phone. EightSleep’s Smart Bed tracks your sleeping habits nightly so over time you can see trends that help you make adjustments for a better night’s sleep. The Pod provides separate heating and cooling functions for each side, so two sleepers can be perfectly comfortable together. EightSleep beds come with a 100-night trial plus free shipping and free returns. There’s no risk in trying EightSleep and integrating a good night’s sleep into your daily workouts and routine.

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