About Hari Mari

Are you tired of your boring plain-colored plastic flip flops that break after wearing for a week?

Hari Mari has your footwear fix.

Flip flops from Hari Mari are comfortable, stylish, affordable and even help others. And with our deals and coupons, fun footwear can be yours!

The creators of Hari Mari are committed to providing flip flops that not only feel great on your hard-working feet but also make your feet look good.

The Flip Flop

Forget stiff, plastic flip flops. Hari Mari’s design incorporates materials to provide comfort and style. Each flop has a Memory Foam toe that helps to reduce abrasion and keep toes in place. No need to break these shoes in.

From the soft midsoles to the arch support to the insoles, these flip flops have comfort as a priority. Their design also brings moisture away from your foot, which improves your foot grip and prevents your feet from getting too sweaty while on your walk.

These flops also have extra toe spring and outsole edges enhances your ability to cover vast terrain and also prevents you from getting tripped up. Whether your adventure takes you to land or sea, these flip flops will get you there.

Made with high-quality materials and textiles, Hari Maris are built to last. No one-wear-and-done for these. With a vast selection of straps, foot beds and mid-sole stripes, they will make you yawn at your old, boring flip flops.

Flops Fighting Cancer

Hari Mari flip flops not only provide you with stylish footwear, but they also help kids. The business donates 1% of every sale of each pair of flip flops to help support kids battling cancer. These flip flops look good and do good at the same time.

Get your footwear fix with Hari Mari Flip Flops with our coupons and deals!

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