About Instacandy

For a monthly box of fun, subscribe to InstaCandy. Each month InstaCandy sends you a combination of classic candies, such as wax bottles and Pop Rocks, and exotic new flavors like sour gummies and chocolate blends. No matter what kind of sweet tooth you have, InstaCandy treats you with treats you’ll love. It’s like opening a box of happiness. Colorful candies dazzle your taste buds. Share them with your friends, or send them an entire box as a gift. InstaCandy is great for birthday parties and gift bags. InstaCandy gets supplies from vendors around the world to provide you with a mix of both unique and familiar candies and chocolates. Find a new favorite while also enjoying some classic flavors. Shipping is free and your first box arrives a few days after you order. Get ready for a box full of tasty fun. With InstaCandy, eat candy and be happy.

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