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We’ve worked with the team at Kaspersky to offer a few special Kaspsersky coupon codes for our customers. You can save $20 on any Kaspersky product (including Mac and PC) purchase, but for a limited time only! Kaspersky is an antivirus software company headquartered in the Moscow, Russia. Presently, Kaspersky employs over 2,700 employees and protects over 300 million customers worldwide. Kaspersky has been in business for over 15 years and prides itself in the belief that every computer user should be free from cyber-threats.

Good: Kapersky Endpoint Security for Business Select
​Like most entry-level, small business computer security solutions, Kapersky’s Business Select Package provides Anti-Malware for both Workstations and File Servers. Beyond this, however, the package also includes Mobile Security features, such as Mobile Anti-malware and Containerization – an application that can allow you to set up a separate and safe company container within any employee’s personal mobile device.

Better: Kapersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced
​If you have already established your online business efforts and are looking for something to prevent disastrous security threats, Kapersky offers an advanced package that is slightly more comprehensive than the Select. The Advanced package will do everything that the Select package can, but, in addition, the advanced package includes vulnerability scanning and customizable patch management technologies. These additional features are quite useful in filtering out security threats that might already be present on your system prior to installation.

Best: Kapersky Total Security for Business
​Kapersky’s Total package is its most comprehensive software offering for small business owners. In addition to the features outlined in the two packages detailed above, the total package extends protection to email servers, collaboration servers, and traffic flowing through Internet gateways. The total package is quite useful for companies with multiple employees, through whose email dangerous security threats might leak through.

​Kapersky offers professional level anti-virus software for companies worldwide. Their ability to extend protection onto employee owned mobile devices is impressive, as is their unique, multi-tiered software offering division. We recommend Kaspersky for both small businesses and home users. For these reasons, we give Kapersky a 5 out of 5 stars.


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