About Office Depot

Office Depot is an office products provider headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Currently a Fortune 500 company, Office Depot generates $14 billion worldwide and employs roughly 42,000 employees. As an industry leader and giant, Office Depot has just about everything an office could need. Below, we provide a brief outline of Office Depot’s product line and services, and review their company as a whole.


Try to consider everything taken for granted in your day-to-day office based operations. If you’re a small business owner, basic office supplies are a mandatory expense. Careless spending -- even on reams of paper and ink -- can add up, and can become quite costly. If you buy in bulk and want to save too, consider Office Depot for:

-Office essentials -- Like binders, labels, envelopes, tapes, and adhesives, for all your paper-based organizational needs.

-Paper, ink, and toner -- All types, for all printers, for everything you print.

-Office furniture -- Chairs, desks, and shelving units to maximize both comfort and aesthetics.

-Technology -- Office machines like printers and scanners, cameras, even computers and tablets.


Over the years, Office Depot has also built quite the reputation for copy and print services. For small business owners looking to save time, outsourcing a segment of office work to Office Depot can be a very effective solution. Office Depot can even help with marketing efforts, or take care of your shipping and mail.


If you live anywhere in America, chances are you’ve probably heard of Office Depot. And while most people might not get all riled up about office supplies, things like paper, ink, and staples are essential to running a small business -- even in an increasingly digitized world. All-in-all, it’s pretty hard to say anything bad about an industry giant like Office Depot. We therefore rate them a 4.5/5.

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