About Owlet

Owlet Baby Care offers a unique baby monitor that attaches to your child's foot and communicates to you, the parent, via a base station and mobile app. You can track your infant's heart rate and more.

As a new parent, you’ve got a lot going on. You need to get the nursery set. You’ll need clothes, bottles, blankets, lotions and diapers. Lots and lots of diapers. You’ll want what’s best for your new baby - which includes making sure their safe and well at all times.

There’s something precious about watching your new baby sleep - cuddling with a blanket or holding the new toy they just got.

Owlet provides unique products that let you check-in on your baby so you can know what they need. They’re committed to sharing products that give insight into the well-being of your baby, educating parents on safe sleep practices and partnering with other organizations to help generate awareness about infant health.

With Owlet’s selection of product designed to best equip you, you’ll know just how your baby is doing. And with our deals and coupons, you can save even more in caring for your baby.

Owlet’s Smart Sock tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels with pulse oximetry technology. Use their app, a subscription to Connected Care, to receive notifications and check in on what your baby is up to. Also stay up-to-date on your baby’s sleep analytics, daily trends and be able to share reports.

Owlet also provides fabric socks to provide maximum comfort for your new little one.

With the technology and notifications provided through Owlet’s baby monitoring systems, you can know when your baby is in distress and gain insight into what may be causing their tears.

Owlet goes beyond providing infant care products to help empower families in need in communities through partnering with organizations promoting safe sleep and other infant-health related information.

Find out how you, and your baby, can rest easy with baby monitoring systems through Owlet. And, be sure to check out our deals and coupons to start saving today!

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