About Pit Barrel Cooker

The meat is marinating. The seasonings are mixed. Drinks are out and your guests are having a great time. The only thing your grill-out party needs now is a convenient and easy way to get that meat cooking.

The Pit Barrel Cooker is a great option for those chefs who want properly cooked and delicious meats - and have fun at the same time. With its various features and unique design, this cooker ensures the flavors of your meat maintain its richness.

With our Pit Barrel Cooker coupons, this cooker makes it easy, fun, flavorful - and affordable - to have your own backyard barbecue.

The Pit Barrel Cooker brings on the flavor. But how does the cooker achieve this flavor-enhancing process? The secret is in the design of a cylindrical shape. Unlike a regular flat grill with a single heat source, this cooker surrounds your meat with heat - through the “Hook-and-Hang” method. This convention-like design provides great tasting, flavorful meat.

Grilling Made Easy
When you’re hosting a backyard barbecue with your friends and family, you don’t want to be the one constantly attending to the grill. You want to enjoy the party. And the Pit Barrel Cooker makes it easy to do the cooking, without the continual need to attend to the grilling process.

Key Features
With the unique cylinder design of the Pit Barrel Cooker, there are other features that make it a great option for those avid grill-masters. No matter your selection of meat, the cooker will maintain its flavor and quality, whether searing, smoking or grilling. The Pit Barrel Cooker is also user-friendly with easy assembly and portable. Cook times are fast, so you’re not waiting too long with your stomach growling, smelling the flavorful aromas of your meat.

In addition to great-tasting meats, The Pit Barrel Cooker also helps the community. The company is a veteran-owned business that donates part of their proceeds to disaster relief and those fallen in the line of duty.

Get your grilling on with The Pit Barrel Cooker and our special coupons to help you become the grill-master you know you can be.

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