Doze Mattress Review

Doze mattresses are known as a “higher breed of hybrid,” and the company advertises itself as the next generation of mattress.   Doze mattresses are ideal for those customers who want to feel as if they are sleeping on a luxury mattress, without spending a “luxury” price.

 Materials and Durability

Doze mattresses are a combination of gel and memory foam encased innerspring coils.  Each mattress is made with extra attention to detail, including a gold-corded mesh border, decorative gold accent handles, and a quilted textile top.

Doze mattresses include approximately three inches of high-density gel memory foam with comfort layers to relief pressure points, as well as a vented mesh border to increase airflow and maintain a cool temperature all night, and about seven inches of moderate density support foam.

Doze mattresses also include a cover that customers can unzip to wash in the washing machine in the same manner as one would wash a bed sheet.

Purchase Experience

Doze offers free expedited shipping straight to the customer’s home within the contiguous United States.  The mattress typically ships within 2 business days, and arrives at the customer’s front door in a box, no signature required.   Upon arrival, all the customer needs to do is unroll and unwrap the mattress, and wait as it expands to its full firm.

Doze offers its customers a 180-day trial, in which time the mattress can be returned for a refund if not fully satisfied.  In that event, Doze will also offer pick-up of the mattress at no charge to the customer. Doze also offers a 10-year limited warranty with protections against any defects in workmanship.

In-Home Experience

Doze mattresses can be used on any firm, flat surface, or on a compatible foundation, such as an adjustable base, a box spring, or a bed frame that includes slats for proper support. They come in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Because of their innerspring coil and memory foam combination, Doze mattresses cradle each person perfectly, and help to isolate motion transfer and disturbances.  Because Doze has increased the coil density at the edges of the mattress, the edge is firmer than a regular polyurethane supported bed, and provides the sleeper with the option to stretch out and use the entire surface of the mattress without the collapsing edge issues that often accompany foam mattresses.

Because of their unique structure and hybrid combination of foam and inner coils, Doze mattresses offer comfort and proper alignment to everyone, whether a back, side, or stomach sleeper.  Sleepers can enjoy the comfort of a pillow stop, while still receiving the firm support that their bodies need.

The Bottom Line

For customers looking for a high-end luxury mattress with attention to the finer details at a competitive price, Doze is a smart choice.  With a strong warranty, a lengthy trial period to ensure customer satisfaction, and wonderful online reviews, Doze mattress is a wonderful choice for a great night’s sleep.


Doze Mattress

For customers looking for a high-end luxury mattress with attention to the finer details at a competitive price, Doze is a smart choice. 
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