Mozy Review

MozyPro offers complete data protection on the cloud for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises. Users can get started with the free backup service that offers 2GB of space. Enough space to backup folders of text files or spreadsheets. Or you can jump feet first into Mozy Pro with yearly, bi-yearly, and monthly subscriptions. Solutions include desktop and laptop backup, remote and branch office backup, server backup, file sync, and mobile apps.
MozyPro also lets you schedule backups to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. You call the shots. With Mozy, you can download all your files with one click. Mozy runs quietly in the background. You may not even know it’s there. But rest assured your files are on the cloud and secure.

You also receive emails and alerts when your restore requests are ready for download. Say a backup hasn’t been able to complete. Mozy sends a notice then too so you can always check-in and upload the files you need backed up. The interface on the desktop and online makes access and settings simple to use.
MozyPro includes Mozy Sync with mobile access. Need to work on a document or upload files away from the office? Save it to your Mozy Sync folder and it syncs across all your devices. Files stored using Mozy Sync or backed up to the cloud are available on your iOS or Android devices. Either way, your files are secure via encryption and always available to you.
Mozy is a leader in the online backup service market and has been since 2005. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Mozy is now part of the Carbonite family, acquired in March 2018. Mozy is now known as Mozy by Carbonite.


For unlimited servers, desktops, and laptops start at $153.98 for 10GB at 1 Year. A one year plan for 250GB is $854.98. A two-year plan is double the one year rate — no discounts or savings for longer commitments. Mozy does offer Monthly pricing and for unlimited servers, desktops, and laptops. 10GB monthly starts at $13.98, 50BG is $26.98 monthly, and 100GB is $52.98 (so on & on upto 1 TB).


Mozy Pro offers intuitive “set & forget it” configuration. Continuous, quiet backup. But if a backup hasn’t been able to complete, you get a notice so you can follow-up and upload the missing files. The ability to get your files and data anywhere anytime is invaluable. The 2GB of storage you get initially to test drive the product is a nice touch. They offer monthly plans for shorter commitments.


Pricey and not as customizable as other backup services. Takes longer than most to download or restore your data. Storage is not unlimited and pricing based on the amount of space needed.


This is not a great solution if you have a very large set of data as you will pay a pretty penny to upload to the cloud. If you’re a small shop with “average” data, or a personal user this tool will backup your data without a hitch.


MozyPro offers complete data protection on the cloud for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises.
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