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Teachable Review

The online course software platform is widely hailed for its ability to offer a simple, easy to use software program for teachers that have the intention of creating and selling their course online.

Teachable is, well… teachable. The online course software platform is widely hailed for its ability to offer a simple, easy to use software program for teachers that have the intention of creating and selling their course online.

The statistics do not lie. Teachable currently provides online courses for more than 22,000 instructors that have provided courses to over 7 million individuals in 34,000 different learning environments. An impressive $100 million and counting has been earned by instructors by providing their services on Teachable.


  • One of the easiest to use software programs
  • Brand the course to fit with your own website
  • Unlimited number of video uploads is very helpful


Teachable breaks down their software into five steps: 1) Create a course for free, 2) upload content, 3) make your school beautiful, 4) engage your students and 5) share knowledge and be rewarded.

The first step is the feature that is really going to “pop” with Teachable. The course builder is phenomenal. Teachable utilizes a “drag and drop” builder which is extremely easy to understand and use.

Drag and drop builders do almost all of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to building a web page. Limited to no experience is necessary to create a professional looking web page, so it is important to make sure you are not scared off because you don’t think you will understand how the software works.

Though the web builder is easy to use there is room for customization, with the ability to brand and make it 100 percent unique to your course. Users may also link to their own website (for further promotion). Furthermore, an integrated blog helps with improving the SEO for the online course.

 Teachable supports an unlimited number of video uploads (impressive), audio, quizzes and discussion forms to provide just about every resource available for yours students. Common files such as PDFs and JPEGs are also available to offer as a download.

The company appears to take interaction between teacher and students seriously, which is why they have a high quality communication system included with every course created. Instructors may connect with students either an email or comment based system. The intention is that your online course will not just be that, but also a thriving and interactive community.

While all of the features are great, the online course would not be possible without students. So how do you draw them in? Teachable understands the dilemma of separating your course from the pact so it has integrated plenty of marketing tools to help bring students to you.

Among the common marketing tools included with a Teachable subscription is email marketing, landing pages (for your course), affiliate programs as well as promotions such as digital coupons and discounts. The integrated blog can help with SEO which is the biggest method toward increasing a ranking on search engines like Google.

Additionally, Teachable has multi-language support which can practically expand your potential audience to the entire world. Teachable also accepts international payments which really helps with engaging students from all over.

Overall, the marketing potential it allows for instructors is second to none. Teachable is also integrated with analytics such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Ontraport and Mixpanel.


Another reason why Teachable is so popular is because the online software provider has some of the most affordable pricing options among the top competitors. At prices starting at $39 per month, Teachable is within just about everyone’s price range. Altogether, Teachable features three different price tiers each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Basic plan will get you started on your first online course for $39 per month. The plan includes course creator training, product support, custom domain, drip course content, integrated affiliate marketing and email marketing, coupon codes and third party integration. It is possible to designate up to two owners/authors of the online course.

The Basic plan has a 5 percent transaction fee which is actually quite reasonable for Teachable’s cheapest pricing option. In comparison, Thinkific charges $10 more per month for the same 5 percent transaction fee. It is important to note that Teachable has a 30 day delay on payout under the Basic plan. Users may upgrade to get instant payout with the requirements that users setup “Teachable payments” and receive PayPal payments.

The other two options are the Professional ($99 per month) and Business ($499 per month) plans. The Professional tier is the most popular plan on Teachable. It guarantees everything in the Basic plan plus no transaction fees and instant payouts (with certain restrictions), 5 owners/authors per course, priority product support, advanced theme customization and advanced metrics reports.

It is a really good value for the money spent per month, especially if you are really seriously about maximizing profits. However, you will want to do some basic calculations to figure out if the extra $60 spent per month over the Basic plan is worth having the zero percent transaction fee.

The Business model only really makes sense if you are a thriving entrepreneur. It is quite costly, yet makes sense in certain situations.


Teachable is quite possibly the easiest to use of all online course software providers. When you combine the intuitive course builder with cheap, affordable monthly subscription plans you definitely get one of the best values on the market.

However, Teachable does have a few reservations. The 30 day delay in buyout for Basic owners seems a little unfair. There have also been a few issues with bugs on the text editor, and while the customer service of Teachable is adequate it does not stack up to the incredible offering from Thinkific.

Still, with one of the top course builders, sheer abundance of marketing tools, cheap rates and number of satisfied customers — Teachable is one of the leaders in online course software.

Very Good


The online course software platform is widely hailed for its ability to offer a simple, easy to use software program for teachers that have the intention of creating and selling their course online.
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