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Click Meeting Review

Webinar services through Click Meeting allow you to host the most effective and efficient webinar session to achieve your goals.

Think setting up and running a webinar is too difficult for your organization? With solutions through Click Meeting, connecting with your audience is quick and easy through their helpful webinar services. They have solutions for your various audience including prospective clients, new leads, current customers and of course employees and other team members. Convert your new prospects into repeat customers through answering their questions and connecting with them through a webinar. Train your team to be confident and collaborative in their work with tools and trainings you can set up from wherever you are. Whatever your goals, webinars can play an integral role in connecting with those audiences that really matter.

As a top provider for webinars, the features and services through a relationship with Click Meeting are abundant and based on what you need for your organization. Choose from different levels, which makes it a great option for small to large businesses. With so many uses for webinars, it’s worth taking a look into how you might be able to use them to achieve your mission and grow in connectivity.  

When choosing the right webinar service for your organization or team, there are certain things you’ll want to keep in mind as you determine which option has the features you’re looking for. Here are some of the top features you can find and engage with when you join Click Meeting.

Ease of Set-Up – Planning a webinar can be difficult enough. Click Meeting makes it easy to create your webinar room. Incorporate the features and add-ons you want and ignore the ones you don’t.

Maintenance and Planning – With viewing options including timelines, you can easily keep track of what events you have coming next and the key details you want to know in just a glance. Create your own registration page so you can get the information you want about your attendees.

Customize – your webinar is unique, so it should look like you, too. With Click Meeting, you can incorporate branding elements that help attendees recognize you and generate brand awareness. With their wide selection of add-on features, you can continue to customize with features you want for that specific audience. You’ll also get to customize the invitations you send out to your prospective attendees so you can share why your webinar will bring them value.

In-meeting features – as you delight and inform your audience through your webinar, there are several additional features and tools you can use to enhance your webinar experience. With audio tools, whiteboard displays, polls and surveys offered during the conversation and much more, you can help the content you share be easily shared and learned.

Post-meeting tools – after you conclude your webinar session, keep the conversation going with sharing tools to provide attendees the top takeaways you want them to remember. Store your webinar recordings for future viewings and to share through other channels such as email marketing or social media.

Analytics – when you conclude a webinar session, you want to know how effective it is – from set-up to invitations to guests to follow through on your calls to action. With helpful analytics tools on your attendees such as how they chose to vote in your various polls and surveys. You can also see important demographic information that showcases key info on your target market for that particular webinar event. With these key analytics features, you can ensure your sessions are on the right track in achieving your performance goals and getting to where you want your organization to be.

Use your webinar to continue content – with quality video and conversation recording through a webinar session, that content may be helpful for other initiatives such as on social media or other areas of your website. Use this great content from your webinar to continue the conversation with those not part of your webinar and pique their interest about what you and your organization can offer.


Click Meeting offers several plan levels to meet your organization’s size and needs. Their MyWebinars plan is a great beginning plan for up to 25 people for just $25 per month. You’ll get to have two presenters at a time in addition to several other great features. For larger groups, the MyWebinars Pro plan accounts for up to 50 attendees and is just $35 per month. You’ll get features like having up to four presenters and up to 6 hours of reusable recorded webinars. Tie into your social media platforms with Facebook or YouTube Live integration to easily share and continue the conversation. For greater webinar events, their enterprise plan allows you to customize your features and sizes to meet your unique needs as a business.

Showcase Your organization with a webinar

Webinar services through Click Meeting allow you to host the most effective and efficient webinar session to achieve your goals. With their various features, analytics services and sharing capabilities, you can know your success at every stage in your webinar hosting.

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Click Meeting

Webinar services through Click Meeting allow you to host the most effective and efficient webinar session to achieve your goals.
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