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EverWebinar Review

Webinars are helpful tools in being able to share important content you need to get to your leads, clients and happy customers.

When looking for ways to share your organization’s mission with others, often a webinar can be a great method to do it. With both audio and video features, as well as several ways for the audience to interact with you, a webinar can be your great next step in reaching out to current, prospective or continued clients.

With such a need for quality webinar services, EverWebinar allows you all those helpful features you need, all wrapped up into one.

But the unique thing about EverWebinar is that webinars shared through this platform are automated, allowing you more time and freedom to generate evergreen content that can keep on adding value to your organization even long after its initially published.

Wondering if an automated webinar service is the right move for you? Here we share some important features you can look forward to with access to EverWebinar.

Automated – a distinguishing feature for EverWebinar is that the content you create once through a video can be shared and reshared as many times as you want. This helpful characteristic helps you save both time and money in not having to do the same presentation multiple times but rather use the great quality content you’ve already created.

Easy registration – even with automated webinar features, attendees will still need to register in order to attend the scheduled webinar. This makes it seem like for the viewers, it is an actual live webinar session, even though it’s a pre-recorded version. With on-demand webinars, having attendees register to watch your content ensures you can appropriately track who is interested in your content and how you can tailor your webinar hostings to meet your specific audience demographics.

Stay live – if a totally automated webinar that’s been pre-recorded doesn’t fit your unique situation for an audience, their WebinarJam tool still allows you to host live webinar sessions to interact and communicate with your attendees during the actual webinar event. If for a particular audience you want both the pre-recorded automated features and also the live interaction with your audience, you can easily combine both features into one webinar experience.

Email reminders – with such busy schedules, it’s helpful to have reminders of what you need to accomplish. For reminders before the webinar, you can plan ahead and schedule when such reminders should go out. After the webinar event, you can continue the conversations with follow-up emails to stay top of mind with those important leads and groups.

Customize – keep brand recognition relevant with options to customize your webinar event pages with your unique branding preferences. Such consistency helps your attendees recognize your brand and presents a more professional and comprehensive image of your organization.

Track your performance with analytics – when you set up a webinar, you want to be sure that the content you share and the events you have are what your audience is looking for. Track your performance with your webinar sessions with in-depth analytics that get you the information on your attendees that you need.

Integrate with other tools – a webinar hosting tool is just one of many resources you use to keep your business going. EverWebinar easily connects to other systems and tools you use to keep all your information consistent and efficient.

Always be promoting – with the opportunity to share pre-recorded and on-demand sessions, you can run ads and promotions through email, social media and other advertisement outlets. This makes it easy to set up initial offers and just allow them to continue to run to drive traffic to your webinar session. This also makes it easy to set up landing pages to easily track your performance on certain webinar sessions.

Audience size EverWebinar is great for both small and mid-size companies, as well as certain needs for larger corporations. With the opportunity to pre-record and share evergreen content via webinar, a small team of marketers can accomplish a great deal with the automated features.


To make sure you get the right plan to meet you and your organization’s needs, EverWebinar offers a free trial for 60 days. Within this timeframe, you can try out the features and create your webinars, both live and automated, to make sure it flows along well with what you’re already using. After that, you can have access to these helpful webinar services and features for a great deal when you take advantage of their special offers and deals. The free trial is a great way to make sure the automated setup of a webinar is a method that works well with your overall goals for your organization.

Save time and money with automated webinars

Webinars are helpful tools in being able to share important content you need to get to your leads, clients and happy customers. With EverWebinar, you can plan ahead and keep moving forward with both on-demand, pre-recorded webinars as well as live sessions. Meet your audience where they’re at with features and tools offered through EverWebinar.

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Webinars are helpful tools in being able to share important content you need to get to your leads, clients and happy customers.
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