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GoToWebinar Review

GoToWebinar provides you the opportunity to meet those needs in a convenient format that’s easy for both you and your potential attendees.

Your organization has a lot to communicate. With inter-team meetings, conference calls with potential clients and webinar sessions to generate leads, the ability to connect and share your message from wherever is vital.

GoToWebinar is a helpful webinar and online conferencing tool that makes it easy to set up, run and track your communication with each audience. With a convenient user interface, it’s simple and quick to plan a meeting, attract guests, run the conversation and track follow up actions as a result of the conversation.

As you determine which webinar and video conferencing tool is right for you, here we share some important features and offers available through a GoToWebinar service.

Easy start up – when you first think of setting up a webinar or video conference meeting, it can be a little daunting at first. However, when you work within the convenient model of GoToWebinar, it becomes easy and stress-free to create and run a webinar session or video conference conversation. Don’t let webinars intimidate you. You can easily walk through the set up process with their various features and resources to help you get the most out of your online conversation.

Schedule on your timeline – whether you’re looking to set up a recurring online event, a one-time webinar event or a last minute video call, scheduling a session and inviting attendees can be made on your timeline. If you’re in a rush and already have had successful video meetings or webinar sessions, you can duplicate those preset templates for even faster set up and creation.

Promote with your tools – once you’ve got a webinar session set up, you want to make it easy to share the opportunity with your target audience. Keep the look and feel consistent with your website and social platforms with branding opportunities on your webinar landing page. You can also create your unique registration page and form to get the information from your audience that you want.

Stay in touch with your audience – when it comes to communicating with those important potential leads or new customers, you want to be sure you can keep up and maintain that important conversation. Send email reminders to those registered before the event to keep them engaged and remind them of the value in attending. After the webinar session concludes, set up email reminders to follow up on any lingering conversations to help you convert those warm leads into customers.

Keep your audience engaged – there’s nothing like a boring webinar session to turn off a potential client. With features within GoToWebinar, you can keep your audience engaged and delighted through interactive tools and resources for them to share their feedback. Through online, real-time chat functions, you can get a sense of how your audience is experiencing the session. Answer questions your audience may have right when they want them answered so you can be sure they all get the information they need.

Integrate with other tools – using webinars is just one tool you use in informing and connecting with customers and potential leads. GoToWebinar offers opportunities for you to connect with your CRM and other resources to keep all your information in just one location.

Keep the content going – when you stop recording your webinar or other video conference call, the conversation doesn’t stop there. Keep the momentum going in engaging your potential customers to turn them into satisfied buyers. By recording the session, you can store and share that valuable recorded content for future review.

Learn and grow from in-depth analyses – when you conclude your webinar, you want to know what went right and what are some areas in which you can improve. With analytics features available on all your webinar sessions, you can amp up those aspects that went right and address those concerns you may have. View important demographic information on who your audience is and what they care about most. See tracking on behavior during the session to help you plan out your next events. You can even determine which sources contributed to the most leads and attendees for your session so you know which outlets to support more next campaign.


Before even jumping into a paid plan, you can start with a 7-day trial that can let you know for certain if the opportunities offered through GoToWebinar are right for you. Their most popular paid plan, the Pro Plan, is just $199 per month when billed annually. This plan accounts for webinars up to 500 participants and perfect to mid- to large-sized organizations. It comes with great features that allow you to get done what you need to. For smaller webinar needs, the Starter Plan is just $89 per month when billed annually and allows for webinar sessions for up to 100 participants. For larger organizations looking to reach a much larger audience, their Plus Plan is $429 per month when billed annually and allows for large webinar functions of up to 3000 participants and additional benefits and features.

Communicate and connect with convenience

Webinars and video conferencing tools are helpful resources in connecting with your leads, customers and fellow team members. GoToWebinar provides you the opportunity to meet those needs in a convenient format that’s easy for both you and your potential attendees. Get started in hosting your lead converting webinars and video sessions with GoToWebinar.

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GoToWebinar provides you the opportunity to meet those needs in a convenient format that’s easy for both you and your potential attendees.
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