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With the features offered through ReadyTalk services, you can embrace the power of connectivity through helpful tools and ease of use.

When you’re looking to host web conferencing sessions to engage and delight your audiences, there are certain features you want to be sure are incorporated in order to meet your marketing goals. Whether you’re launching a full-on webinar for registered attendees or want to connect with your team members and clients from wherever you are, ReadyTalk webinar services, now part of the company GlobalMeet services, gives you easy access to do both. Set up meetings, webinars and webcasts with easy with their specific products that can help you get to where you want to bring your audiences.

Whatever your organization’s goals in connecting via online video and audio, ReadyTalk has features to provide a positive user and designer experience. Bring your teams all up to speed and inform potential customers about new product launches all in one convenient space.

In navigating the world of webinars and online conferencing, you’ll want to choose a provider that meets your needs in communication. Here we share some of the top features offered through ReadyTalk to help you decide if it’s the right move for you.

Product variety ReadyTalk offers three main product lines to help you design and conduct communication methods to meet your goals. ReadyTalk Webinars are designed to inform and delight guests regarding a particular topic or service you want to share more about. ReadyTalk Collaboration services allow you to meet and connect with your team members and guests from anywhere the world and on any device that’s most convenient for you. ReadyTalk, now part of GlobalMeet also has a webcast service to help meet your organization’s communication needs. The webinar and collaboration services work in similar methods, both built on the opportunity to connect and share the information you need to, when you need to share it.

High-quality video and audio – as you combine audio and video to provide an engaging information session through a webinar, ReadyTalk webinars provides high quality streaming video that’s compatible with a variety of devices.

Easy set-up – when you’ve got a busy schedule to manage, you want a webinar service that does the hard work for you. ReadyTalk makes it easy to setup and get people to join all online. This easy planning relieves the time-consuming burden for you and makes accessing your platform easy and quick for participants and attendees. You can even customize your registration forms so you can get the information you want on your guests.

Engage with your participants – it’s one thing to watch a webinar. It’s another to engage in one. Encourage your attendees to ask questions and provide feedback before, during and after the session with helpful Q&A moderation, surveys and other features to gauge their interest.

Download and share – when you record that helpful content through a webinar, you’ll want a way you can keep the conversation going. With ReadyTalk, you can share pre-recorded video clips during your webinar presentation so you can be sure to share the most relevant and value-adding information. Once you conclude your webinar, you’ll be able to convert the video to a useable format and download to share across your various marketing and communication channels. Build up a collection of valuable content by archiving your video files all in one easy-to-access location. Edit your recorded webinar content to ensure it’s top quality as you share and promote your offers.

Stay in control of your branding – with customizable options for landing pages and reminder emails, you can keep your branding consistent as you promote your webinar and video conferencing opportunities. Design your communication how you want with their flexible and easy-to-use platform.

Automated reminders and follow-up – those next steps after a webinar are crucial in the buying process. Make sure your attendees don’t fall through the cracks with automated emails and reminders about the webinar itself and special offers incorporated into the campaign.

Track what’s working and what’s not – crucial to continuing to develop well-performing webinar hosting sessions includes analytics and reporting tools that allow you to see the details you want. Easily see participant interactions and results from surveys, Q&As and any other data you wish to collect on your audience. Get access to automated reports that pull in the numbers that are relevant and allow you to move forward in making decisions about hosting webinars.


ReadyTalk offers plans at different price points based on your budget and the size of the organization. Their starter plan begins at $99 per user and accommodates up to 100 participants for webinar sessions. Their advanced packages allow you to choose the features you want to utilize and not pay for those you don’t want. The sales team can help you determine which options work best for what you hope to accomplish and get you the features and resources you need.

Move Forward in Communication with Online Webinars and Meetings

In today’s fast-moving environment, it’s helpful to be able to stay constantly connected to your team members and prospective clients. With the features offered through ReadyTalk services, you can embrace the power of connectivity through helpful tools and ease of use.



With the features offered through ReadyTalk services, you can embrace the power of connectivity through helpful tools and ease of use.
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