Webs Website Builder Review

Webs is known as being a good tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to create their own websites.

Webs website building service has been around longer than most – since 2001 in fact.  It was last updated in 2014, and has stood the test of time as a reliable design-building site. It is known as being a good tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to create their own websites.  Check out its many time-tested features and see if it might be the perfect web design service for your needs!

Design Features

To get started designing with Webs, users only need an email address and password.  Designers can choose either a business, group, personal, or store-based site category, and can then begin designing.  Webs offers a number of templates and themes.  Certain templates are free, and those with an orange star are available only for paid accounts. Once you’ve found a template that you think you might like, you can hover the mouse cursor over that template to see its color scheme choices.  Webs does allow users to change their site themes at any point in the design process.

As you design your page, you’ll notice a toolbar along the bottom of the page from which you drag and drop different elements of your page.   Tabs under the toolbar give designers the option of choosing from “popular,” “structural,” “media,” “social,” “commerce,” and “other” page elements.  Designers can switch between the site dashboard, builder, themes, and pages using a different toolbar located at the top of the page.  Webs also offers “undo” and “redo” options, which is nice for designers who may change their minds about certain elements of a page.

There are also various layout options for each page, depending on the theme selected for the site.  There are also a variety of app options, which include stores, blogs, photo albums, and other choices. Another advantage of Webs is that it allows users to upload videos, as well as images and including apps.   Webs also offers buttons for social elements like Facebook, Twitter, email, and more, and has a “social links” tool to allow users to link to any of their social media accounts from their website.

For each site a designer builds, Webs offers a separate dashboard, and it is easy to go back and forth between sites by using a drop-down menu.  Helpfully, the dashboard includes a checklist that takes users through all of the steps needed for a fully-functioning site.

One other unique feature of Webs is that it includes membership site features in its builder.  Other website builders allow users to attempt integration of external membership services, but Webs is one of the few that has a native membership option.  With that function integrated directly into the website, users can manage members, send out group emails, and restrict which pages can be viewed by the public, or by members only.

Another nice feature offered by Webs is its internal traffic tracking tool.  This tool allows users to see how many visitors they have, the number of page views, the monthly averages, traffic sources, and other similar features.  Designers who want to have a feel for how many people their sites are attracting will be pleased with these offerings!

Pricing Options

Webs does offer designers a free site address in the form of a mysite.webs.com domain name, or, for users who want a custom domain, those offerings begin at $29.95 per year.  After choosing a domain name, designers can choose whether they want to create a free Webs site, or choose one of the paid package options.  The free options allow up to only five pages, and 500 MB of storage.  The free sites also include Webs ads, while the paid accounts do not.

Customer Service and Conclusory Thoughts

As users begin the design process, the Webs customer support teams makes available an introductory video explaining the process.  There’s also a support button available on every page, and by clicking on that button, designers are directed to the frequently asked questions for that particular area of the site.  Those who subscribe to the Webs premium plans can receive a variety of customer support options.  The “Starter” plan offers email support, the “Enhanced” plan offers email and life chat support, and the “Pro” plan offers email, live chat, and phone support.  Webs also offers a number of tutorial resources accessible from the dashboard.

If you’re looking for a web-building service that offers great free site options, custom domains, and good blogging tools, Webs is a great choice.  It’s easy to use.  Designers will find that it’s simple enough to build a site quickly, but advanced enough to impress your intended audience, and help you achieve your web design goals.  Try it today!


Webs Website Building

Webs is known as being a good tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to create their own websites.
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